Silver is the new black!

There is a trend of colors that change every 8-10 years, I would say that 10 years ago brown was the color to have in your space. Today it’s GREY (or is it gray with an “a”, I always get confused!). I think I have to blame the fast-paced social-media having everything so fast at our fingertips for the color trend to go from grey to silver in a swish!

photo 2

Nothing says you live in the 21st century like having the latest shiny object in your possession, which is why I think the trend has shifted towards silver from matte grey.

Silver is a must in your decor and design today. Here are some pros&cons about silver:


1. It SHINES, need I say more? All that glimmer and brilliance makes anyone feel special, so it’s no wonder you fly to it like moth to a flame!

2. It reflects!, which helps specially for darker spaces you want to light up with subtle sparkle but not necessarily a thousand light bulbs! But also it reflects kind of like a mirror, which helps OPEN UP as well 😉

3. It goes with EVERYTHING! It’s like that pair of jeans you wear with any top, YES, you know which one I’m talking about… Silver goes with any decor, blending is one of its many talents!

4. Depending on the material the silver object is made of, it can instantly create an ambiance. For example, stainless steel gives a more cold-modern look but a mercury stained glass will give a warmer more romantic look.


1. It might rust…. Yeah, the reality that you live in planet earth and might have humidity near by is a sad truth, but with the right maintenance you can preserve it like your grandmas pearl necklace!

2. Having stainless steel appliances or anything that has a daily set of hands touching it might constantly bother you with finger prints on it. You might have to sacrifice a few minutes a week to polish away those dirty little prints that bother the OCD person that lives inside of you!

3. Once it scratches, you might be annoyed by that streak your son gave it with his toy car (this also depends on the material and item, for example: silver table vs. silver statue high up on a shelf). It’s not at fixable as wood, but then again, wood doesn’t glimmer!

So when you find yourself thinking about purchasing that silver piece, whether it be a frame for that new art piece, a table, cute kitchen handles or that lamp at HomeGoods… I say go for it!


Some ideas on how to incorporate silver into you home:

Cushions! – (YES you can find nice decorative pillows with silver thread {not real silver might I add})

Lamps – mercury glass are a real nice trend to follow, but if  your not into trends, a nice nickel lamp always does the trick for a sleek classic look.

Art/Picture Frames – Oh it will give it a very nice POP of shine to it. Your eyes will automatically drift toward it… So go ahead and show off your summer 2010 skinny picture in a nice BOLD silver frame for everyone to see, no shame!

Vases or any decorative accessories – How about that! With so many stores today that offer nice accessories at accessible prices, you do not have excuses for this one! (Other: bathroom accessories, statues, book-ends, candles…)

Appliances – A white microwave is soooooo last century, go ahead and update to the stainless steel model your always looking at, your electric bill is going to thank you later too! (This applies for fridge, stove, hoods and sinks as well!)

Now this is something for those on a budget and maybe like to DIY, you can take that old vase you bought at IKEA 15 years ago and SPRAY PAINT IT SILVER!… OMG YES! It’s so easy to spray paint something, and it’s cheap too!! Just be careful you don’t accidentally spray paint something that you might regret later on…

So not all that glitters is gold, right? Sometimes it’s SILVER!

photo 4

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