Before and After Vintage Chairs Restoration

Hello there! Happy Week to all!

We tour around our small island of Puerto Rico looking for neat treasures we can revamp and restore! Usually our eyes are drawn to vintage pieces, and these are hard to find in our 35 x 100 miles of tropical land.

These chairs were rescued from a truck that was almost going to throw them away for scraps! We took on the project this weekend, and this is our result!

The structure was in really good shape, and even the wood under the upholstery was good!

Things we needed for this restoration:

1- Sanding paper (a light one)
2- Spray Paint (one can was enough for these two), we like to use one that is Primer+Paint all in one
3- Upholster fabric, a nice neutral sturdy velvet-like gray is always a good choice
4- Staple gun
5- Staples
6- Energy!

This is what they looked like.




We then gave them a light sanding, to soften up any bumps. After you sand, make sure you wipe down with a humid cloth to clean all the dust (otherwise the dust will avoid that the paint adheres well to the metal).
*Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the sanding*

When the chairs were clean and dry, we began spray painting. For those who are spray-painting beginners, you want to spray small thin coats, do not spray large heavy coats, or the paint will drip, smudge easier and will take forever to dry. Most spray paints say you should wait 24 hours before applying the second coat… Patience is your friend here! (Hopefully you have three days worth of sunny days!)


For best results, paint on a sunny / dry day. Don’t spray paint inside please! Make sure you are in a well ventilated OUTDOOR area, too much wind is bad, spray will go everywhere but on the furniture.

While you wait for the paint to set and dry, you can begin the re-upholstery process!

How to reupholster a round chair.

photo 4

photo 1 (3)

Now, make sure you choose a good upholster fabric, a chair is a high traffic piece, since it will probably see many people on its lifetime, and also a pattern or darker color is a good choice!

This is our finished result!


photo 2 (4)

photo 4 (4)

Hope you like them! We will be posting more furniture revamp stories soon!

CR Team!

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